Jami investitsiyalar:

€ 139,500

Franchayzing to'lovi:

Oylik to'lov:

Oylik marketing to'lovi:

€ 0.00

Franshizalar soni

Investitsiyalarning rentabelligi (ROI)

Vaqt davri


12 000*

* Kalkulyator hisob-kitoblari dastlabki hisoblanadi va kafolatlangan natija emas


Tasis yili: 1931

Franchayzing ishga tushirilgan yili:

Kompaniya birliklari: 4

Franchayzing birliklari: 11

Birliklarning umumiy soni: 15

Bir birlik uchun xodimlar soni: 5-6

Shartnoma muddati: 240 oylar

AUDIMAS was founded in 1931 and today is the market leader in the development, design and manufacture of sports and leisure clothing in the Baltic States. The company owns 15 retail stores in Lithuania and Latvia (11 franchise stores + 4 company owned stores). Audimas exports its products to Germany, Finland, Russia, Poland, UAE, etc.) There are more than 500 persons working in the company.
AUDIMAS mission is to help people experience the joy of an active lifestyle, by providing them with stylish and comfortable products at the best value.
AUDIMAS future aspirations and vision is to be a leading European apparel company that creates modern and comfortable products that bring joy for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Requirements for ideal franchise candidate:
able to find attractive store location
able to find a store with trade area 150-200 m2 (depends on the city`s population) plus warehouse area 15-30 m2
able to invest 930 eur per m2 (in Lithuania)
able to find 5-6 workers, including the shop manager (calculated for a shop running 7 days per week for 11 hours per day with 2 people working simultaneously)
able to follow corporate policy and company style

AUDIMAS will provide you with:
Consultations on how to open and how to manage the your business.
Consultations in running the store, managing personn
Proven business operating standards.
Calculations on investment and payback time.
Attractive pricing structure.
Long standing experience in the retail shop design development of Audimas brand.
Branded equipment supply at the best prices of our partners (according to the needs)
Marketing support (ideas, design, experience)
Full support on the store preparation for the opening (product arrangement and merchandise, consultation on the store management, personnel).
Methodical and consultation help in personnel management and motivation.
Stock management and control due the unified accounting system.
Analytic system for your business decisions.

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