Jami investitsiyalar:

€ 19,000

Franchayzing to'lovi:

€ 18,000

Oylik to'lov:

Oylik marketing to'lovi:

€ 0.00

Franshizalar soni

Investitsiyalarning rentabelligi (ROI)

Vaqt davri


12 000*

* Kalkulyator hisob-kitoblari dastlabki hisoblanadi va kafolatlangan natija emas


Tasis yili: 2008

Franchayzing ishga tushirilgan yili: 2015

Kompaniya birliklari: 1

Franchayzing birliklari: 74

Birliklarning umumiy soni: 75

Bir birlik uchun xodimlar soni: 2

Shartnoma muddati: 36 oylar

The group of the companies HimRussia is a manufacturer and supplier of chemical detergents and cleaning products: car wash shampoos, automobile cosmetics, automobile accessories, household detergents, cleaning chemicals.
The company was established in 2008 and ranks among TOP 10 automotive suppliers and manufacturers of chemicals in Russia. Today company produces more than 110 kinds of various chemical products.
The HimRussia auto care products franchise is a turn-key business-model. It requires maximum 30 calendar days from the moment of the payment to the release first batch of products. The franchisee will be able to produce products with the option – to sell them in wholesale channel or retail channel with average market marginality from 80 to 140% depending on the product and the type of sales.
There are eight production lines at the moment and each line is allocated as a separate franchise:
1. Automobile chemical goods and automobile cosmetics;
2. Cleaning chemicals;
3. Household detergents;
4. Aerosolized chemicals;
5. Cooling agents, antifreezes and heat transfer agents;
6. Thermal insulation paints KARE;
7. Paints, polishes, carriageway marking;
8. Cleaning pastes.

The ideal candidate should have business experience and sales skills.
Rented or owned premises that meets the requirements of the concept. The requirements are:
– a minimum area of 50 square meters
– water
– canalization
– electricity
– windows and ventilation
– ceiling height – from 3 metres and up
– heating

What does a franchisee receive?
1. Operating business and brand name;
2. Ready documentation for the production and sales;
3. Raw materials, packing, labels for the production of 5 tons of end products;
4. Production job on site from the provided component parts (production time – about 2 days);
5. Equipment, installation and commissioning;
6. Miscellaneous equipment that would be necessary for the production (scales, pumps, tubes and etc.);
7. All necessary lab equipment for the control of incoming and outgoing quality of raw materials and finished products;
8. Water-treatment system and installation work;
9. The chemical formulations.
HimRussia provides with:
– Full production and sale training;
– Contacts of raw material suppliers;
– Technical data sheets for the production, technical guidelines and instructions;
– Employees training in the franchisee or franchisor territory, the client’s choice;
– Full help and support. In all operating aspects;
– Marketing materials, visual style and design services;
– Ready website;
– Tech support hotline.

Length of franchise agreement (in years): 3 years
Return on Investment (in months): 7-10 months
Number of employees in 1 unit: 1-2 employees

Anton Kastalsky