Jami investitsiyalar:

€ 58,657

Franchayzing to'lovi:

€ 22,500

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Oylik marketing to'lovi:


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Investitsiyalarning rentabelligi (ROI)

Vaqt davri


12 000*

* Kalkulyator hisob-kitoblari dastlabki hisoblanadi va kafolatlangan natija emas


Tasis yili: 2012

Franchayzing ishga tushirilgan yili: 2017

Kompaniya birliklari: 1

Franchayzing birliklari: 1

Birliklarning umumiy soni: 2

Bir birlik uchun xodimlar soni: 2

Shartnoma muddati: 48 oylar

NELLEULLA is a wild chocolate brand, that makes truffles full of surprises, rich in tastes, aromas and colors as well as other chocolate treats from real, natural ingredients. Chocolate from the forest is invented, created and mastered by women full of inspiration from the capital of the north – Riga. NELLEULLA is the name of the Northern maiden. In the ancient language it means light and power. And that is exactly what the chocolate makers are — authentic, beautiful, powerful. Wild at heart, on the shelves in the shops however, NELLEULLA chocolate comes across as elegant and truly sophisticated — the simplicity of Scandinavian design together with feminine luxury
We are a story about passion and being genuinely carried away, about talent and sparkling eyes. With our story we inspire people to tear down the borders, be free, truthful and beautiful. With our products we stimulate people to look for new and newer captivating tastes, aromas, stories, touches, melodies and feelings. We encourage people to feel true, living fire and passion within themselves as that is what gives our lives an indescribable taste.
The Company is led by a professional team with 15 years experience in chocolate production and sales in more than 14 countries. The team appreciates the responsibility associated with performing their duties.
If to compare with the area competitors, the main Company’s differences are following:
Interesting brand story;
Selected product types;
Delicious product flavor compositions;
100% hand- made products;
Trendy concept design;
Unique and exclusive high-quality packaging design;
Special technique of placing freeze dried berries into chocolate;
Experienced management team in chocolate production and retail business.

NELLEULLA franchisees should meet the following criteria:
Enjoys chocolate and has full buy-in to the brand, story and culture
Strong sales and customer service abilities
With business skills and critical thinking
Able to understand the business issues and can draw conclusions
High personal standards: excellence, honesty, integrity, etc.
Well-developed people skills
Outgoing and optimistic
Able to meet initial investment requirements
Well organized and able to follow direction
Mature, stable and forward-thinking
Dedicated to success

We will provide you with one week of pre-opening, corporate-based training, including both classroom and in-store on-the-job training. We will also send a representative onsite to provide up to five days of support around the time of your store’s Grand Opening. We’ll also present you with a copy of our confidential operations manual to help you run your shop properly on a day-to-day basis.
Franchisor organization will provide the services listed below:
Operational Support
Site Selection
Marketing Support
Grand Opening Support
Internal Support
Ongoing Product Development
Overall Program Oversight

Number of employees in 1 unit: 5

Laura Sebre